Leaf Audio
Design Philosophy

You can be assured that every Nexus product is built to the highest standards. We engineer our equipment to have a close to 0% failure rate, and this design philosophy ensures reliable performance in busy retail environments. To ensure this low failure rate all components are selected firstly for their performance characteristics, price is a secondary consideration.

Integration, compatibility and operational ease are all important factors in our design philosophy.

Our systems integrate into any sales environment with ease. They are designed to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

We constantly have our finger on the pulse of technological development and market trends in our industry. This ensures we always have equipment in our range to switch the very latest in surround sound technologies and the best vision distribution that is possible.

The last thing your sales staff need is to battle with a system that is un-intuitive or over complicated. Ensuring ease of use is paramount to our design philosophy.

All our products are designed to be upgradeable when new technologies or the need for expansion arises. All new products are made to be backward compatible.

All components in the signal path are selected for their suitability to audio and video use. All relays are substantially over-rated. Control circuitry and signal switching circuitry are kept separated. All connections are made using high quality connectors.

This ensures our switchers do not colour your sound or picture.