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At Nexus we make products that enable retail environments to be better and sell more.

Our quality is unsurpassed and our premium range of Video and Audio Distribution amps, Comparators, and PA Amplifiers should be part of any quality Shopfit.

Nexus has a 30 Year history, proudly made in Australia and has many world firsts as can be seen below

  • 1976 Nexus released the world’s first dynamic loudspeaker protection system and the world’s first IR remote controlled comparator system

  • 1978 Nexus released the world’s first speaker comparator with digital speaker efficiency compensation

  • 1982 A new fully modular infinitely expandable remote controlled comparator system was released

  • 1991 The world’s most comprehensive digitally controlled car sound demo board was developed

  • 1994 Nexus produced the world’s first successful integrated comparator for digital audio

  • 1995 Nexus releases the worlds first “Home Theatre Comparator-in-a-Box” creating affordability to even the smallest retailers.

  • 1997 The Nexus Touch-screen Comparator was released

  • 1999 Component Video distribution systems built to bring affordable studio quality pictures to TV retailers

  • 2004 Under the banner Leaf Audio, Nexus produces its first multi-source multi-zone